Facebook Latest APK Version is Now Available for Download

Since the founding of Facebook in 2004, it has become the most popular social networking and online social media service. With more than two billion active monthly users to date and being a free site, uploading videos, communicating with friends and family as well as online gaming have become easier and more extensive.

To improve its services and performance, the team behind this social networking site continues to update Facebook on all platforms. The current version depends on the device and for the APK version, it is released this week and with a download size of 81.8 MB.

While no new features were added, the company regularly releases updates, with the recent one focusing on improvements on speed and reliability. Some users comment that the file size needs to be reduced, though.

Facebook Features

If you are still one of the few people who have not tried this popular app, here are the features you have been missing:

  • Photo and video sharing as well as memories
  • Photo album creation you can share or keep in private
  • Facebook emoticons and publishing posts and status updates
  • Commenting on your friends’ posts
  • Playing games with your friends online
  • Following your favorite websites, artists and companies
  • Building brand image via social media

Downloading Facebook on Android

If you want to enjoy this app on your Android device, it is possible via Google Play Store, under the Social category. You can also type in “Facebook” on the search bar. However, not all Android devices can download and install this app. Your device should support 15 api and above. After downloading the app on your device, move the apk file to the SD card of your Android and the file manager you want to have it installed. The APK version can also be downloaded and run using android emulators like bluestacks and koplayer.

Please note that installation of the app will also be requiring app permissions, such as, reading your contacts’ data, accessing your approximate and precise location, among others.

Is In-App YouTube Support Coming to WhatsApp?

The chat you’re having on WhatsApp is going great. You are both on a roll talking about favorite music, films, and television series. Suddenly, the person on the other line asks you if you’ve ever seen a particular TV series. It turns out you haven’t. Being the generous being that they are, they send over a YouTube link featuring the trailer for that said series.

Of course, you’re going to open it because the person on the other end asked if you liked the look of it. In other words, they are asking if it is something you like the look of. Now, the current state of WhatsApp dictates that you can’t open this video and have a chat at the same time. So what you do is tell the person you’re chatting with to wait for whatever the duration of the trailer is for your reaction.

Wouldn’t it just be great if you can just play that video without leaving WhatsApp?

Well, according to WABetaInfo, this feature is coming to WhatsApp users – just those who have iOS devices though, for now.

With this update, YouTube videos are put on top of your current conversation. Basically, the picture-in-picture concept is put into use here. Although the video will appear small, it can be expanded by pinching. You can even drag around the video on the screen so you can get better views of your messages. In case the size is still too small for you, there’s an option to view it in full mode as well.

Is this an update for all devices that support WhatsApp?

As mentioned earlier, this update is for users of iOS devices, but very specific iOS devices. WABetaInfo states that this feature will be rolled out to iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S+, iPhone 7, and iPhone 7 Plus. It’s not hard to see why those devices have been chosen: they have quite big screens, something that benefits these kinds of updates.

WABetaInfo further states that the iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, and iPhone 5S might get support but nothing is really clear on that. In fact, there isn’t clear evidence on whether or not the first couple of devices mentioned would be supported at all. The feature is still under development and many changes can happen by the time it is fully rolled out.

Why is there no mention of Android?

As two of the biggest mobile platforms on the planet, you would have expected Android to at least be included in the rumors. However, even WABetaInfo states that there is no news about bringing this feature to Android or even to Windows Phone.

Then again, Android runs in a majority of smartphones around the world. WhatsApp is one of the biggest communication tools ever built. There are equally large Android devices. So it wouldn’t make sense for it not to be included. We just have to wait and see.

WhatsApp works to satisfy the demands of their users, and adding in-app YouTube support is one step. While it’s a useful and important messaging app, it can do much more than that.